About Us

Duncan Steele-Park and Simone Cobb are the husband-wife team behind the brand-new website Reined Cow Horse Training Online, RCHTOlive.com. They saw a need that wasn’t being fully serviced by a one-stop-shop for education, training, advice, coaching and connecting with a spectrum of top trainers in the reined cow horse industry. We are extremely excited to be able to do so now. We have curated a selection of accomplished Reined Cow Horse Trainers and created amazing video content chock full of information, advice and experience for members to deepen their understanding and skills. RCHTO will help fast-track you to the next level in your sport where ever you live.

The pair has already established the hugely successful, Cutting Horse Training Online website in 2012 which revolutionized learning, training and showing in cutting. No longer did you have to live near a trainer, know a trainer or have to invest untold amounts to put your horse in training. CHTO took the top trainers to riders everywhere in the world for a tiny fraction of the price.

A cutting horse trainer himself, Duncan has worked for some of the industry’s leading trainers such as Phil Rapp and Roger Wagner and has been a semi-finalist at the NCHA Open Futurity. He has also operated a successful training business both in the U.S. and Australia over the past two decades.

Duncan has a Bachelors degree in Business and Marketing. Duncan combines his love and knowledge of the sport with his business acumen, communication skills and good standing within the cutting community to give you access to the sport’s elite and professional experts, as well as the latest trends and developments in performance horses, horsemanship and equine husbandry.

Simone, has a communications degree and has worked as a television and radio journalist. She brings her marketing, videography, interviewing skills and experience to deliver the best quality training videos, articles and interviews to you.

During our journey, we will listen to you – your wants and desires – in order to identify topics to be covered in upcoming videos.

We are growing and evolving. That evolution is not possible without you. Your feedback is welcomed and encouraged! Please email us at info@rchtolive.com

We are a professional organization committed to bringing you exceptional educational tools that will deepen your knowledge, help build your skills and increase your performance and enjoyment of the reined cow horse sport.

We put our heart into our work, and take pride in every video we bring to you. Every trainer and judge featured on this website has been chosen for their unique perspective, presentation and passion for the sport. It is our intention that RCHTO helps raise the expertise of the reined cow horse communities worldwide.