As RCHTO is a brand new site, we’ll be bringing you video testimonials from cow-horse members in a few short weeks.

If you would like to send us your written or video testimonial, we’d love to hear from you. Just video yourself on your phone and text it to us on 662-609-6983 or email us at info@rchtolive.com

Trainer Matt Koch

 So easy to use and I get to watch and learn from my favorite trainers where ever I am in my downtime.
-Sam Garza

I’m learning a lot of knowledge about 2-year-olds and showing horses. People don’t have access to trainers. This is a lot better because you don’t get intimidated and you don’t want to bother the trainers. It’s the best $30 I’ve ever spent.
-Tyler Davis

That was so much fun to watch!!!
-Marla Gonnet

What a good way to educate people from the pros.
-Deb Preachuk

Incredible site. Best money I’ve spent!
-Pat Looney