Welcome to our Clinics Listings! We are excited to provide you a list of clinics for all skill levels in reined cow horse. From beginners to seasoned non-pros, we can help you find, teach or organize a clinic all over the country!

We believe there are 4 key elements to making your clinic experience rewarding and memorable:

  1. Ground Game – classroom learning on what you need to know before, during and after a show
  2. Horsemanship – what skills you need to improve all aspects of reined cow horse, but most importantly, having a foundation to always go back to if things get out of whack.
  3. Socialization – meeting new people, getting involved with your peers, creating a network of long-lasting friends to share and support each others goals.
  4. Have FUN – reined cow horse can be a fun and family sport, even for the non-competitor. We’ll show you how you can enrich your reined cow horse experience!

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