If you’ve purchased Get Coached sessions, follow the instructions to upload your videos!

If you haven’t purchased any sessions, please go here before uploading any videos.

Upload your video

You have two ways to upload:

1. Click Here to upload your video now. You can choose to upload from your computer or mobile device or directly from your own drop box. You will be prompted to enter your first name, last name, and email address so that we can identify your video. A green check mark means that you’ve successfully uploaded your files.

2. Send it to us via Wetransfer.com using our email address info@rchtolive.com. You can upload it there and send it easily from your computer or phone.

Send Us Your Video

1. If your video is a show run, it’s probably short enough to simply to send to us via text. You can send it to 662-609-6983.

2. You can also email your video to info@rchtolive.com if short.

3. Upload to your Google drive and send us the link via email or text. Make sure you give us access/share it so we can download it,

    Videos must be no larger than 2GB.

    The trainer of your choice will send you an email or text message in no more than 10 days when the video analysis is complete. It will contain a link where you can watch and download your video for repeated viewing.

    This is the key to getting the most out your personal video lesson. Watch repeatedly then practice, then watch again, then practice. You’ll be amazed by the results!