Video Categories

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Our learning library of the best performance horse videos online is comprised of major categories with multiple (and growing) sub-categories. Here’s an outline of our top-level categories to give you an idea of what’s in store! We have four training categories in RCHTO. One for herd work, one for rein work, one for cow work and one for roping. This is to help members go directly to the videos that will most likely apply to them. However there is always material that will be helpful to any rider. So we encourage your to look in the other categories even if you think it won’t apply.

Herd Work

Zane Davis

We offer an extensive selection of how-to videos on everything all level of riders, from beginners to experts, need. Learn and develop crucial skills on how to train and work cows, how to watch your cows, the difference in training younger to more experienced horses, and more. From calming a hot tempered horse to performing under pressure, the tips to increase your score can be found in this section.

Rein Work

All aspects of reining specifically from a cow horse point of view are covered here. From pre-Futurity prep to NRCHA Finals, you’ll master the top training tips to show with the best.

Cow Work & Boxing

It’s exciting to watch but can also be intimidating to compete! The cow work event is a great display of horsemanship. Our videos cover all aspects including the boxing event for beginners.


Trainers cover the art of roping for cow horse competition.                                                                                                                                                                   

Horse Care

In our Horse Care section, you’ll find great information on a range of horse-health categories, such as Grooming, Nutrition, Rehab and more. Learn what we should be feeding our horses from world-leading experts in equine nutrition. Learn about preventing hock issues, the skinny on probiotics, how to read hoof x-rays and best practices in shoeing.

Outside The Arena

The RCHTO team gets up close and personal in engaging interviews with personalities throughout the performance horse world. Tour ranches, get tack tips, and hear lore about great snaffle bit performances with this glimpse into the stories and the glory of the competitive horse culture.