Betty and A Shooting Spark

Reined cow horses have been a consuming passion of Betty Lou Valdez for more than 10 years. She bought a finished cow horse and liked it so much she then got her first futurity horse in 2010.

She remembers one year she and her daughter travelled to San Angelo in 2011. Her daughter ended up winning the non-pro limited and Valdez herself won the non-pro two-rein.

Valdez rides her own colts so they don’t have a futurity horse every year. She said she and her husband built a great facility for working with the horses. Every horse they currently own has been a futurity horse she and her husband produced as non-pros. They all become breakaway, rope, or bridle horses at some point after their futurity year. She said it has been a rewarding experience.

“It’s just part of the journey. We really like these horses that we make because they do have to be really broke. And doing this [training] really gets them there. We are lucky to have the facility and the time and the amount of knowledge we have. [We aren’t trainers] but we are really happy with the horses we make through the reined cow horse,” she said.

Valdez said the trainers are some of the most well rounded and best horsemen out there because they have to do so many things.

“They’re more down to earth than when you get around other types of horse shows. If you just go talk to them, most of them are really willing to help and they’re friendly. I find that’s a lot different than some of the other horse sports…” she said.

Why Betty Uses RCHTO: It’s access to all kinds of ideas, ideas from men and women that you wouldn’t have access to…and the things they share. Sometimes you have a bad day and you’re struggling and you watch something and think, ‘why didn’t I think of that?’ It’s that simple… Before, when I was just home, and needed help, I would have to travel and be gone several days and try to remember what we talked about during the riding sessions. I would either have to write it down or call them back… Now with that instant access I can scroll through the videos…It’s not just one person’s opinion. It’s been a great asset for me.”