Susan Reed Lane grew up loving everything equine so when she was first introduced to reined cow horses as an adult, she knew she had to pursue it.

Susan started out sorting and team penning. When the sport folded in her area about 10 years ago, she really missed it and looked further afield. But no one within a three hour radius of her area competed in those events.

Eventually Susan took up reining. Then a local reining trainer got cows and she jumped at the chance to learn the sport of reined cow horse.

Fast forward two years, Susan loves to show her 12 year old gelding “Ray Jay”. Her greatest accomplishment so far is winning fifth place in the South East Region of her very first year of showing.

Although Susan usually travels by herself, she credits her support team that helps her at shows. Her trainers, Tim Anderson and Jay and Willow Bend have been a huge asset as well.

2023 is the year she aims to finish in the top ranks in the South East Region and be able to show again in Fort Worth at the Celebration of Champions.

“I felt it was a real accomplishment for a first year out. So I hope to repeat it again. I must say, my trainer Jay Bend was instrumental in getting me there.”

Why Susan uses RCHTO: 

“They have just been a valuable asset in every facet of my discovery of working cow horse. From using soft hands, various tools if you encounter a problem, even something more simple like backing up. I have learned how to do it correctly and add speed to it. Believe me, I devour those videos every time they come out! I can’t wait. I watch them over and over and over. I wear them out, I’m like a computer. I will continue to always watch them! I always pick up a “nugget” I didn’t catch on the first or second time of watching it. I find it very instrumental in giving me confidence in the working cow horse.”