Amy and ASmidgeMoreDiamond Photo Credit: Stacy Judd

Amy Ost rode jumping horses for years and was introduced to reined cow horses when she was in college. The people, culture and the event in general inspired her to make the switch.

Although her jumper background has been helpful as far as her understanding of mechanics, she said that the feel is so different. She had to really learn what a cow horse is supposed to feel like.

Ost said the cow horse industry seems to focus on horsemanship and the mentality of a horse in ways the jumper world does not.

To continue on her journey of competing in reined cow horse, she bought a two year old because that was what she could afford. Ost happened to move next door to someone who started two year olds who has helped her progress.

She also has a four year old in training to help her learn the cow horse feel. Ost hopes to compete in the Derbies this year as well. Ost’s goals include expanding her knowledge, continuing to improve and start learning to show-prep a horse. She enjoys competing in the non pro limited and hopes to go down the fence one day.

Why Amy Uses RCHTO:

“We live pretty far from [a trainer] to regularly get lessons without having a couple hour drive. So it’s really nice to be able to check in on [RCHTO] to see if there’s any new tips to help with something I’m struggling with…I really like the recent one Kelby did talking about some of the issues that happen when you rush into getting a young horse to just go straight into a lope departure. And I really liked Erin’s recent video on lead changes. ”