Christie and Cal Bar Rey

Christie Francis was raised around horses because her dad would use them to hunt with. Horses have been her consuming hobby ever since. After she trained Montana’s only Supreme Versatility Champion in the gaited horse industry, she wanted to take her horsemanship to the next level. She was given the chance to go down the fence 12 years ago and she never looked back. Francis mostly trains her own horses using her experience over the years and extensive dressage background.

The detail required to complete the cow horse maneuvers drew Francis to the sport. The feeling of a horse hooking up to a cow or nailing that perfect flying change is unlike anything else she said.

“There are so many [aspects that go into cow horses that] that’s what called me to the sport. You’ll never come to the end of [learning].”

Francis is dedicated. She hauls out five days a week to ride in a covered arena in the winter.

Francis’s goals include being the best non-pro she can be. She has four horses aged from two to five years old and some weanlings. She has competed in the bridle classes and she is excited to show her Derby horse this year. Francis enjoys working with her young horses and feels it keeps her on her game.

“I love schooling the young horse mind.”

She enjoys having the helpful eye of trainer Jess Holloway.

Why Christie Uses RCHTO:

“If I am struggling with something, I can get on [RCHTO] and there’s a good amount of people on there to pick from. [And I] turn the volume off and watch regardless of what they’re trying to teach and their position on a cow. They all have really valuable things to say but watching their hands and body position even on the ground [is helpful]. If you turn the volume off you can really watch what they’re up to [physically].”