Clayton and Jewels Are Heavenly

Clayton Hines is a non-pro from Alberta, Canada and he trains his own horses. He has always had horses in his life and as a young man, he was a bronc rider. He won the bronc riding at Salinas Rodeo and is in the Pro-Rodeo Hall of Fame in Canada!

He then discovered reined cow horses on a quest to get his own horses more broke. He won his first show in 2010 but said he went a long time without winning any buckles. He hasn’t shown much this past year due to cancer but that doesn’t stop him from riding his horse and always trying to learn. His goal is to finish out the year in October at the Derby and Horse Show at the Northern Alberta Reined Cow Horse Club on his four year old. He has made the finals at multiple premier events in the United States and Canada, picking up a few champion and reserve champion titles along the way.

Hines said his favorite part of the cow horse industry is the people. They’re helpful and supportive and he loves watching people do well and have a great run. He said he knows how they feel when it finally clicks after many hours of hard work.

“It gets me excited because I can see how excited they are!”

“I love showing because showing is about finding out where you’re at in your program and where your horses are,” Hines said.

When he’s not on a horse he spends time with his family and grandchildren on his ranch.

“I’ve won some prizes but my children and my spouse were the biggest prizes I’ve won,” he said.

Why Clayton Uses RCHTO:

“I want to get better and [RCHTO] has the very best. And those [featured trainers] will tell you exactly what they’re doing. If I want to work on turnarounds, I can watch turnarounds all morning and then go ride my horse… There’s lots of different ways to do it, they’re not all the same. And I can go figure out what works for me and what I like. And it’s fun just to watch [RCHTO], there’s so much information. Everybody needs the little things and these guys are sharing the little things…There’s no secrets on RCHTO…”