Timothy Brock had always wanted his own horse and when he finally got one, it did not go well. After he got out of college, he looked for help. He came across natural horsemanship and the method made an impression on him. He learned more about how horses think which helped him improve his own horse. People took notice.

He started to get outside horses and 30 years later he owns and operates his own training facility, BC Stables and Training Center. They have about 80 horses on the property, a mix of boarders and horses in training.

“I’ve always kept an eye on the cow horse [world] and my middle daughter works for [Isaac Johnson] who was in the World’s Greatest Horseman, so we went to watch. And my youngest daughter works for Tom and Mandy McCutcheon. So we had a family weekend and watched World’s Greatest.”

Brock is brand new to the world of cow horses. “What drew me to it is that the cow horse is not a one trick pony,” he said. The versatility of the cow horse appeals to Brock who trains his ranch and trail horses with well rounded skills like crossing streams and opening gates.

He has competed in the Retired Racehorse Project Thoroughbred Makeover in Kentucky. This event involves retraining an off-the-track thoroughbred and showing them at the Makeover. Brock and his employees have four horses to show at the event in October. They are focusing on ranch work with their thoroughbreds so he joined RCHTO to get some insight.

Brock hopes to hit the show pen at ranch horse, cow horse and trail and challenge course competitions this summer to enjoy the competition aspect of horses. His goal is to take his horsemanship to the next level with the help of RCHTO and share that knowledge with the men working for him.

Why Timothy Uses RCHTO:

“We are focusing on ranch work with the thoroughbreds so we joined RCHTO to help train the ranch horses. We also use it as a learning and motivational tool.”