At seven years old, Whitney Campbell got interested in horses. After saving up her money all summer, she bought her own Quarter Horse. She worked for horsemanship trainer Ken McNabb and gained cattle experience. She realized the ranching and cattle side of horses was the right fit for her.

After getting married in 2008 and having children, her riding was put on the back burner for six years. She heard about the Mustang Million in Fort Worth and decided to enter. She placed 56th out of 200 which encouraged her to get another mustang.

At a mustang competition in Washington she overheard people talking about the Spayed Filly Futurity, a reined cow horse competition for mustangs that takes place during the Reno Snaffle Bit Futurity. Having dreamed of riding a reined cow horse, she thought she may have found the perfect avenue. She competed in the Spayed Filly Futurity in 2018 and 2019, gained some great experience and sold a horse. This funded her first cow horse purchase.

Now Campbell has her own training program with futurity colts. She also has a bridle horse named Not Outa Luck that she won the 2021 Reno Snaffle Bit Futurity Open Bridle Championship on.

She was able to go to Idaho with the horse and hold her own against some of the top trainers.

“It was such a confidence boost. I feel like I’m in the industry I’m supposed to be in,” Campbell said.

She said the mustangs taught her a lot and made her a better horsewoman. Campbell’s goals include making the top 50 riders and having a good futurity season this year.

Why Whitney Uses RCHTO:

“Because I’m a sponge and whenever I can learn, I think there’s something to learn from everybody…I just love the information. It’s a good thing to watch on a rainy day or click through when I’m drinking coffee. If I learn one thing that makes my horses better, it’s worth it for me. Even if I’ve watched a video before, I’ll watch it again. I just like having the ability to go through those videos anytime.”