The mission of Myristol Enterprises, LLC is to use scientific innovation to enhance the quality of life for animals and those that care about them through improved joint health and function. With a dedicated following of veterinarians, competitive riders, trainers, and everyday users, Myristol joint and health supplements are recognized around the world as superior products for the treatment and prevention of joint injury or disease. Dr. Gayle W. Trotter founded Myristol Enterprises, LLC in 2003, recognizing a need for top quality joint supplements for horses and other competitive animals. Dr. Trotter is an internationally recognized equine surgeon and researcher with a clinical background focused on equine lameness, surgery, and joint issues.

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Our horse joint and health supplements can help you get a leg up on the competition. No matter how much desire your horse has, it’s hard to excel when their joints don’t feel right. Even if your treasured companions aren’t competing, poor joint health can slow them down and diminish their quality of life. From barrel racing to calf roping, cutting to dressage, rodeo to show jumping, Myristol has been specially formulated as a broad-spectrum and effective supplement to support your horses’ joint health.

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Myristol joint support supplements are specially formulated as an effective broad-spectrum approach to joint health, which means they combine all of the most effective ingredients to address a wide variety of what ‘goes wrong’ in unhealthy, stiff and sore joints for our dogs, cats, and rabbits. As our pets age, they become more prone to joint health challenges that affect their quality of life. Your dog, cat, or rabbit may become reluctant to play, or climb stairs, or even just getting up and down becomes more difficult. Myristol is also a highly effective option for those pets that compete at high levels in athletic activities such as agility, disc catching, dock jumping or herding, and require additional joint health support.

Myristol Human



MotionPLUS joint support supplements are designed and formulated to provide joint health support for athletes, active people, seniors, or anyone experiencing joint stiffness or soreness. Our scientifically advanced formulas are designed to support the complete structure and functionality of joints. Whether you’re a top-level competitive athlete, a weekend warrior, or simply offsetting the effects of aging, MotionPLUS joint support supplements offer a broad-spectrum approach to joint care, and contain Extramel®, an antioxidant blend that aids recovery after exercise and helps with the stress and fatigue of everyday life.

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