Put the RCHTO icon on your screen to have one-click login access, just like an app that is super simple and super fast to access the content.

We put together a 60 second video to show you how to quickly and easily put RCHTO on your phone or tablet screen so you have a one-click access to the site every time! Or follow the written steps below the video:

Now you can effortlessly watch videos on your phone or tablet. Imagine how much knowledge you can gain while on the road to the next show or waiting for someone or something. No time is wasted now if you put RCHTO directly on your screen!

Step By Step Directions to get the RCHTO login page on your phone or ipad screen (Android instructions are very similar):

1. Click on Safari or any internet browser on your phone

2. Type in rchtolive.com in the search bar

3. Click on Login in the top menu

4. Click on the share button at the bottom of your iphone (square icon with arrow coming out the top)

5. Choose the option “Save to Home Screen” (you may have to scroll sideways until you see it)

6. Click Add in top right hand corner

7. The RCHTO icon will now be on your mobile screen (allow the phone to save your login details so you only have to click on login once to get access each time)