Trainer’s Corner: Clayton Edsall

An open field turn done well is a credit maneuver and using a baby sitter in your arena to help your young horse become more accepting of cattle pushing on him will help build his confidence. Clayton Edsall of Oakdale, CA shares how he uses a baby sitter to his advantage. Cattle are herd

Trainer’s Corner – Jared Jones – Santa Maria, CA

Total Earnings: $220,086 Jared Jones grew up on a ranch in Idaho and has been riding since he could walk. His brother got into cow horses and Jones had always watched. At 22 he went to work for Clayton Edsall where he got some show experience. He then moved on to work for Justin

Member Spotlight – Olivia Bennet –

Olivia and LR Woody Be Sexey Olivia Bennett was born and raised in upstate New York. She has always had an interest in horses. She took English riding lessons during childhood, and went on to work for a reining trainer through high school. Her family bought three ranch horses that were in

Trainer’s Corner – Clayton Edsall – Oakdale, CA

Total Earnings: $870,811 Ranching has been a way of life for Clayton Edsall and it is something he infuses into his performance horse program. He grew up in Montana and was interested in starting colts and ranch roping. He was around legendary horsemen like Tom Dorrance, Ray Hunt, Joe Walter,

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