Member Spotlight – Carrey Gunderman – Elbert, CO

Carrey marking his first 70! Photo by: Performance Horse Photography Carrey Gunderman grew up in Wyoming and had a family friend who was a horse trainer. Gunderman thought reining was the coolest sport until that friend told him he had to check out reined cow horses. Gunderman did and he loved what

Trainer’s Corner – Matt Koch – Elizabeth, CO

Total Earnings: $764,901 What started out as a quest to break in a horse soon turned into a career and over $700,000 in lifetime earnings for Matt Koch. He attended Lamar Community College where he was introduced to the horse show world. He said he didn’t even know what leads

Why Matt Koch Thinks You Need To Join RCHTO!

Trainer Matt Koch is a featured trainer on Reined Cow Horse Training Online. Not only that he loves to login and watch himself. He said it's important for him to look over the fence and keep up with his peers because everyone needs to keep learning and stay competitive. Matt also said trainers simply don't

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