Trainer’s Corner – Shane Steffen – Powell Butte, OR

Total Earnings: $420,916 Shane Steffen got into cow horses the year he got married. He had never even heard of cow horses until then. His sister-in-law had attended the Snaffle Bit Futurity in years past and invited the Steffens to come along. He thought it looked like a neat sport that he could try.

Member Spotlight – Kimberlee Gabel – Ault, CO

Kimberlee and Metallic MaverickPhoto by Shane Rux Photography Kimberlee Gabel has been involved with reined cow horses for five years. Previously, she had rodeoed and competed in stock horse versatility before making the switch. “For me, the pinnacle has always been the reined cow horse,” she said. Gabel bought her current horse

Trainer’s Corner: Ben Baldus – Gainesville, TX

Total Earnings: $268,631 Ben Baldus has always wanted to be a cowboy for as long as he can remember. At 17 he went to Pennsylvania and worked for Christian Evangelist, Lew Sterrett, who used horses to preach. Sterrett gave Baldus a foundation. Then, at 20 years old, Baldus moved to Texas to work for

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