Trainer’s Corner – Erin Taormino – Lipan, TX

Total Earnings: $650,337 Erin Taormino moved from Canada to Texas to pursue a career in the all around circuit. After meeting and working for Ron Ralls, she was introduced to cow horses. She fell in love with the sport and never looked back. She went on to work for Todd

Trainer’s Corner – Zane Davis – Blackfoot, ID

Total Earnings: $1,790,881 Zane Davis placed third at the 2022 World’s Greatest Horseman riding Rubys Radar. He didn’t actually start training cow horses until he was 32. Most of his background had been at the racetrack and in the rodeo world. After starting hundreds of colts, he ended up watching

Trainer’s Corner – Clay Volmer – Brock, TX

Total Earnings: $309,357 Clay Volmer grew up in South Dakota on a ranch. He competed in rodeos for a living while he earned a business degree from the National American University. He then started colts for a client who asked him to work them on cows. From there, Volmer began to get involved in

Trainer’s Corner – Tyson Benson – Brock, Texas

Total Earnings: $65,471 Straight out of high school in Idaho, Tyson Benson went to work for Corey Cushing in Arizona and stayed there for six years. His dad Rick had given Benson a solid foundation with horses and he spent time with Al Dunning and Bobby Ingersol at clinics alongside his dad. Benson went

Trainer’s Corner: Ben Baldus – Gainesville, TX

Total Earnings: $268,631 Ben Baldus has always wanted to be a cowboy for as long as he can remember. At 17 he went to Pennsylvania and worked for Christian Evangelist, Lew Sterrett, who used horses to preach. Sterrett gave Baldus a foundation. Then, at 20 years old, Baldus moved to Texas to work for

Trainer’s Corner – Kelby Phillips – Weatherford, TX

Total Earnings: $1,102,409 After watching the World’s Greatest Horseman in Stephenville, TX as a kid, Kelby Phillips learned what the reined cow horse discipline was all about. He showed in the ranch horse classes as a high schooler and wanted to explore the sport so he went to work for

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