Preview: Fence Turns And Circles.

Lyn breaks down the basics of the TWO types of fence turns and how to get your horse comfortable traveling at speed down the fence.

  • Part 1

    Lyn breaks down the basics of the two types of turns and shows you the best way to:

    • Get comfortable running with cattle
    • You should come out of the turn as fast as you go into it.
    • Why she takes the horse away from the fence to soften them in the turn.
    • What position she teaches a horse to be in on the cow.
    • The more comfortable you run at speed the better you can set the turns up.
    • Why you don’t always stop a horse if they are pushing on the bridle.
    • What to do if your horse is only giving you 50% of his attention.
    • What to do if your horse drops his shoulder and dives in.
    • Why she likes to have her horse’s head bent and looking the same direction as the cow when circling
    • Why she doesn’t like to teach her horse to get too close when circling.
    • Plus loads more