Preview: Fence Work With Your Bridle Horse.

Lyn shows you how to break your cow work down into four separate pieces when working at home, so it all comes together at the show.

  • Part 1

    Lyn Anderson shows you how to work a Bridle horse in the Cow work at home, explaining:

    • The difference between working a Bridle horse and Snaffle Bit horse in the cow work.
    • How to break your work down into FOUR separate pieces.
    • How to keep your horse straighter in the Bridle.
    • How approach the cow in the Box work.
    • What to do if your horse won’t drive past the cow.
    • A great drill for your show horse on slow cow.
    • The biggest mistake people make at home working their horse.
    • The exercise Philip Ralls says Lyn is great at in the circling.
    • How to circle and where she leaves her space between the horse and cow.
    • Her approach to bad cattle.
    • Loads more