Preview: Bridle Horse Fence Turns.

Jake demonstrates three simple drills you can do to school a Bridle horse that is anticipating the fence turn.

  • Part 1   Schooling Bridle horses can be tricky because they are so trained and anticipating the fence turn can be a come problem. Jake Telford demonstrates three simple drills you can do at home to help prevent this, illustrating:

    • How to approach the boxing and evaluate your cow.
    • What he wants to feel as he picks his hand up going down the fence.
    • How to regain control of your horse.
    • What to do if your horse gets too close to the cow.
    • When to angle your horse into the rib of the cow.
    • What causes your horse to lose his run and rate.
    • What the first thing a non-pro has to get comfortable with before turning on the fence.
    • Why you need a sense of urgency to get to the cow.
    • Why Jake may overlook some stuff that reiner’s wouldn’t in his fence work.
    • How to approach leads in the cow work.
    • Goal is to have the horse rating the cow on his own with your hand down.
    • Plus more….