Preview: How To Teach A Horse To Rate And Reach Across The Cow

Clayton demonstrates his warm-up program explaining why it’s so important to get inside your horses mind before you work a cow. He talks about why spending too much time teaching a horse to rate from behind the cow can hurt your fence work. He also gives you a great exercise to help teach a horse reach further across the cow in your boxing.

  • Part 1   Clayton shows you his warm-up program and how to prepare your horse for the fence work before you work a cow. He explains why he likes to have the cow in the arena as he is warming up, what exercise he does to a horse when it raises up through the middle of the turn and how to teach a horse to rate from all sides of the cow.

  • Part 2    Clayton demonstrates a great exercise he does when a horse isn’t reaching across the cow in the boxing. Explaining why rolling up into a cow will make the cow speed up and what type of cow is best to do this exercise on when you’re in the training pen.