Preview: Teaching Your Horse To Hunt The Cow.

Brandon shows you a great exercise on how to teach your horse to hunt the cow on your circles whilst leaving your hand down.

  • Part 1   Brandon works a Bridle horse showing you how he teaches his horse’s to hunt the cow in the circles with his hand down, as he prepares for the Derby in Scottsdale AZ, explaining:

    • Why he steps to the hip in the boxing.
    • Why he holds his horse off the cow as he begins this work.
    • Why he goes down the fence a couple of times before he works on his circles.
    • The best way to get your horse straight as you begin working.
    • Why you need to be able to leave your hand down on the circles.
    • What to do if your horse isn’t finding the cow.
    • How to find out if your horse is hunting the cow.
    • What to do if the cow pushes on your horse.
    • When to stand a horse’s shoulders up working a cow.
    • Why he doesn’t go straight and stop straight when teaching young horse’s the cow work.
    • Plus loads more…..