Preview: Stops And Cow Work In The Two-Rein.

Shawn shows you when and why you widen your hands when working on your stops and why he holds the Two-Reins and Romal together when working cattle.

  • Part 1   Stopping and working cattle in the Two-rein can be difficult because there is so much to hang on too! In this video Shawn demonstrates how to:

    • Keep your hands close and when to open them up in the stop.
    • What to do when your horse stops on his front end.
    • Why he has equal pressure on the two-reins and romal when working cattle.
    • Where to hang the bosal on the horses nose.
    • Why he likes to keep it a little loose on the nose.
    • The biggest mistake people make using  the two-rein.
    • Why he sometimes goes back to the snaffle.