Preview: The Most Important Part To Your Fence Work Success.

Jake shows you a very important drill that separates the run and rate from the fence turn!

  • Part 1   ” Rely on run & rate NOT the thrill of the chase” says Jake Telford, as he breaks down the mechanics of the fence work and how it’s a series of events that needs to happen to make it all a success by explaining:

    • Why you need to separate the run and rate from the fence turn.
    • What the most important part is.
    • Why he works his horses without schooling them too much before going down the fence at home.
    • How to box and what you should be trying to accomplish whilst boxing.
    • What your position should be relative to the cow as you go down the fence.
    • Why he focuses on the 1/4 circle part of the cow.
    • What the ideal rate position is.
    • How to emphasize your stop after the stop.
    • What to do if your horse feels strong running down the fence.
    • Plus loads more….