Lyn Anderson A Lifetime of Learning

Madera, California trainer, Lyn Anderson, was hooked from that first moment she saw a cow horse at the Snaffle Bit Futurity in Reno, NV. At the time, Lyn was attending Cal Poly University where they had a sale program for their two-year-olds in training. “From that moment on, I knew that is what I

Member Spotlight – Carrey Gunderman – Elbert, CO

Carrey marking his first 70! Photo by: Performance Horse Photography Carrey Gunderman grew up in Wyoming and had a family friend who was a horse trainer. Gunderman thought reining was the coolest sport until that friend told him he had to check out reined cow horses. Gunderman did and he loved what

Trainer’s Corner – Jared Jones – Santa Maria, CA

Total Earnings: $220,086 Jared Jones grew up on a ranch in Idaho and has been riding since he could walk. His brother got into cow horses and Jones had always watched. At 22 he went to work for Clayton Edsall where he got some show experience. He then moved on to work for Justin

Mapping Out The Mind Game with Jesse Lennox

Jesse Lennox and Spots Hottist at the Summer Spectacular in 2021 Developing mastery over the mind game in any sport is probably the hardest thing any competitor has to learn. So this month we bring you a story about a top cutting horse trainer, Jesse Lennox, who has

How To Get Out of Your Head & Into The Winner’s Circle

RCHTO Trainer Cayley Wilson Your heart is thumping so loudly, your chest is about to burst, you're barely breathing and you have a white-knuckled grip on the reins as you enter the herd…. Sound familiar? Nerves can get the best of us, even the pros on occasion. But the difference between the

Trainer’s Corner – Justin Wright – Santa Maria, CA

Total Earnings: $1,819,116 Justin Wright recently claimed the crown jewel of the cow horse world: the 2021 NRCHA Snaffle Bit Futurity championship aboard Zak 34. Cow horses have been a family business for Wright. His dad, Walter Wright, had shown horses and his brother, Greg Wright, won the Snaffle Bit

Trainer’s Corner – Clay Volmer – Brock, TX

Total Earnings: $309,357 Clay Volmer grew up in South Dakota on a ranch. He competed in rodeos for a living while he earned a business degree from the National American University. He then started colts for a client who asked him to work them on cows. From there, Volmer began to get involved in

Trainer’s Corner – Matt Koch – Elizabeth, CO

Total Earnings: $764,901 What started out as a quest to break in a horse soon turned into a career and over $700,000 in lifetime earnings for Matt Koch. He attended Lamar Community College where he was introduced to the horse show world. He said he didn’t even know what leads

Trainer’s Corner – Lance Johnston – Lindsay, CA

Total Earnings: $1,158,883 2019 NRCHA Snaffle Bit Futurity Winner, Lance Johnston, learned about cow horses at 10 years old. “My dad was working for a guy, running his cattle, who also had snaffle bitters in training.” Johnston’s parents went to the Snaffle Bit Futurity in Reno and came home telling Johnston all about it.

Member Spotlight – Miles DeWitt – Camp Verde, AZ

Miles and wife Cassie Miles DeWitt is blessed to have a ranching background. During school he started colts and spent time on the rodeo circuit, roping, riding cow horses, and barrel horses and even shoeing. At one point he shod all of the horses he had in training but now he limits

Cow Horses: Taking On England

Guy Robertson working a cow. When you think of horses in England, it’s generally the sport of kings (thoroughbred racing) or the aristocracy in their red jackets hunting foxes on horseback over the rolling green hillsides that comes to mind. But did you know, there is a small but growing interest in

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