Preview: Great Drills To Get Your Horse Soft And Supple 

Shawn Hays gives you four great drills he teaches his young horses prior to going down the fence. He explains how getting this body control will help your fence work and not waste cattle.

  • Part 1   Shawn demonstrates the first three drills he wants his horse’s to be comfortable doing before he introduces cattle to his fence work program. He explains that the key to counter bending is forward motion and be careful not to do too much of this exercise because it can teach a horse to run his shoulders away from the cow too much! Shawn shows you his hinging drill and how to use the fence to help the horse find the release whilst maintaining cadence and he shares with you a key piece of advice, legendary coach Don Murphy gave him about getting body control of a horse.

  • Part 2: Shawn shows you how to do his hinging drill at the lope and why its better to do it on a long fence. He then gives you the fourth drill, which ties all of the previous exercises in together. He explains how side passing before the turn can help teach a horse move the rib cage through the middle of the turn.