Preview: How To Take Stiffness Out Of A Horse

Ricky demonstrates how to soften a horse, so it can perform at its best in all three cow horse events. He shows you how to make the horse responsible to your hands and why your legs are key to body control.

  • Part 1   Ricky demonstrates how to get a horse soft in the body, and why a cow horse needs to be able to move his hind end underneath himself, if he is to be successful in all three events. He explains the basic ABCs to the turnaround on the flag and he shows you a very simple exercise to do if your horse lands on his front end in the stop.

  • Part 2    Ricky demonstrates the importance of hip control and how to fix a horse that rears. He explains how to get a horse soft in the hackamore and he shares a great secret he learned from Don Murphy about how to pick a hackamore horse before you start him.