Preview: Halter Breaking: An Ingenious And Traditional Method

Phil demonstrates how to use the Post Pen to not only help a horse get soft off the lead rope but more importantly for the horse to learn to get balanced before a change of direction.

  • Part 1   Halter Breaking Using A Post Pen

    Phil introduces you to the Post Pen! An ingenious and traditional tool you can use for those horses that haven’t been handled much and need to learn how to get off pressure. The secret to this concept Phil explains is, if used correctly, it helps teach horses to learn to get BALANCED before they change direction. Which is key in the performance horse business!

  • Part 2    Halter Breaking Using The Post Pen

    Watch Phil ask for more bend, as he tightens the circle and the horse gets more balanced. He also explains that as the horse gets more broke to this, the more subtle the cue can be.