Preview: Herd Work On Two Year Olds With Kelby Phillips

Kelby demonstrates his warm up and dry work program before he steps to the herd. He explains why he does a little reining  and counter bend before he works cattle.

  • Part 1   Kelby explains his dry work program and what he wants to be feeling in his horse before he steps to the herd. He shows you a great drill he does  before he cuts and he shares with you why he wants more bend in his horse’s than some other trainers.

  • Part 2   Kelby works his two year old on cattle explaining how he lets the cow pull his horse through the turn. He shows you what he does if his horse feels dis-connected from the cow and he explains what lead a horse should be on if he has to lope out of the turn. He also shares with you a valuable piece of advice ” Spud ” Geoffrey Sheehan told him about how to work cattle at home.