Preview: How To Use A Hackamore.

Superb video with Shawn showing you how to use the Hackamore and how to use it with the Bridle for your Two-Rein horse.

  • Part 1  There is an art to training a Two-rein horse for the Bridle and in this superb video Shawn demonstrates the basics of the Hackamore, explaining:

    • Why the Hackamore was first introduced as a training tool.
    • How the pressure points are different to the snaffle.
    • How to hold your hands and why your hand position changes as the training advances.
    • How much pressure to use with your feet to help with softness.
    • How to hold your Romel and Mecate at the same time.
    • What type of Hackamore to begin with.
    • How to use your hands if your horse resists the Hackamore.
    • Have your lateral flexion working well before you ask for vertical.
    • Plus loads more.