Preview: Schooling Bridle Horses In The Rein Work.

Cayley Wilson shows you how to tune a Bridle Horse making sure you keep form and control.

  • Part 1   The number one key to schooling a Bridle Horse’s is to keep form and control and working your horse at show speed is very important as it allows you to find out where there maybe some weaknesses, says Cayley. In this video Cayley illustrates:

    • When schooling a Bridle Horse keep in mind where the Judges are sitting and what they can and can’t see.
    • Why he likes to change leads dead center of the arena.
    • Be aware of what the show camera sees if the Judges review your run.
    • Make sure the shoulder’s of your horse stay stood up when changing leads.
    • What your goal should be on your rundowns as you practice at home.
    • What you should focus on the day of the show in your warm-up program.
    • First thing you should do if your lead departure is not good in your rundown.
    • Plus more