Preview: Schooling Your Bridle Horse

Randy shows you how to school your Bridle Horse for your rein-work turns and on the flag.

  • Part 1   “Schooling your Bridle horse is a little different because you have to keep him straighter” says Randy as he demonstrates how to work your Bridle horse on the flag and rein work spins, explaining:

    • Why he use’s the neck rein more than the direct rein.
    • How and why to squeeze with your inside foot as you walk circles.
    • What to do when your horse loses direction in the spin.
    • How much bend you need to have in the spin.
    • How to fix a horse that draws back to much in the rein work turn.
    • How to introduce speed.
    • Biggest mistake people make in the rein work turn.
    • Why and how you keep the shoulders up in the turn when working on the flag.
    • Plus loads more…..