Preview: Justin works on Circling, Turnarounds, Rundowns and Stops!

Three great videos of Justin showing you how to soften a horse that leans whilst circling, the difference between the herd and rein work turn around and what  to do when you mistime a rundown stop.

  • Part 1: Warm-Up and Circling: Justin works a Futurity horse three months before the futurity and he shows you:

    • How to soften a horse that leans in on the circle at the lope.
    • Why he steers them to the inside of a circle then to the outside of the circle.
    • How and where he lets a horse break down with cadence making a smooth transition.
    • How he addresses issues in the warm-up, so he doesn’t have to fix it in the actual maneuver itself.
  • Part 2: Turn-arounds: Justin works on the spins explaining:

    • The difference between the herd and rein work turn around.
    • How to fix a horse that is a little forward in the rein work turn.
    • Why he doesn’t have a lot of drills and prefers to focus on working the horse in the moment.
  • Part 3:Rundowns and Stops: Justin works on his rundowns and stops, explaining:

    • Why he begins by loping up and down the arena slowly.
    • Why he isn’t bothered on day 1 of rein work if the horse takes a few trotting steps before lead departure.
    • The importance of gaining control of the horses feet.
    • Shows you what he does if he mis-times the stop in the rundown.
    • When he adds speed to the rundown