Preview: How To Fit A Horse For Sale

Two of the best sale fitters in our sport Justin Cunningham and Melanie Smith share their secrets on how they can make a horse look it’s best.

  • Part 1 Justin Cunningham and Melanie Smith are two of the best sale fitting experts in the horse business and share with you how they prep a horse to sell, so you can achieve maximum prices by explaining:

    • What to feed your horse.
    • How long it takes to make a horse look its best.
    • Alfalfa versus grains.
    • The daily exercise programs.
    • Why you round pen yearlings.
    • Blanketing and where people go wrong with slinkys.
    • How to set up the lights in your barn.
    • Different ways to produce thick mane and tails.
    • The difference between feeding and fitting a horse.
    • Why you don’t want them too fat.
    • Worming programs.
    • How to take pictures.
    • Biggest mistake people make preparing a horse to sell.
    • Loads more……