Preview: Bits And Bridles With Todd Bergen

Todd Bergen is one of America’s greatest horseman, he was won in excess of $2 million in Reining and $2 million in the Cow Horse. In these two videos, he explains all the different types of snaffles he uses and why, what transitional bits he likes and he shows you what port angles and shank lengths he prefers.

  • Part 1  Todd explains the various snaffles he uses explaining why he likes loose ring snaffles, twisted wire, D-rings and he shows you a bit he got Randy Paul to make him that he uses the day before he shows in the herd work. He demonstrates what bit he likes for a pushy horse that puts a good head set on a horse and he talks about the first transitional bit he likes as he advances to a correctional.

  • Part 2  Todd explains what he may use if a horse is heavy and he wants to bring the shoulders up. He talks about port angles, shanks, copper rollers and why he likes the port to be tilted back a little in some of his bridles. Todd also reiterates that all these bits, in his opinion, are all about what the horse likes and he knows within a minute or two if this bit is going to help him achieve what he wants.