Preview:  The Difference Between The Rein And Herd Work Turns

Outstanding video with Todd Bergen explaining the very important difference between the two turns and he reveals which bit he uses to do this exercise with.

  • Part 1 Todd Bergen is one of the world’s most versatile horseman. What he can teach you transcends all equine disciplines. Todd demonstrates the difference between the Herd/Cutting turn and Reining turn-around. In these videos you will learn:
    * How a horse functions differently between the two turns
    * How the herd-work turn is about drawing back
    * Which foot is the pivot foot in the herd-work turn
    * How Todd gets his horse’s soft on the inside before teaching the turn.
    * How to get control of the horses inside front foot first before teaching the turn
    * Why it’s important to get control of the shoulders of a horse for all disciplines.
    * Why the reining turn is more of a lateral motion and the shoulders are more stood up
    * What to do if your horse is drawing back too much.