Preview: Speed Control Down The Fence.

Don Murphy and Russell Dilday show a clinic participant a great exercise that teaches a horse to get soft at speed and rate a cow down the fence.

  • Part 1   Speed control down the fence can be a very difficult task to teach a horse! Don Murphy and Russell Dilday go into great detail on how to teach a horse too:

    • Get off your hands if the horse is pushing through your bridle at speed.
    • Why stopping doesn’t help fix this problem.
    • It’s all about breaking the horse back down to a trot.
    • How to teach the horse to rate a cow down the fence.
    • What part of the cow you want your horse to be at for this exercise.
    • How to prevent your horse from diving into the turn.
    • How to hold your hands though the turn.
    • What speed you should be traveling with the cow
    • Plus loads more….