Preview: How To Nail The Stop With Randy Paul

If you want to learn the secrets to the stop, you need to watch Randy Paul! He explains the key to setting up a great stop, why he wants a long relaxed stride, how to fix a horse that chips on his front end in the stop, how to get them back peddling after the stop and how he frames a horse in the stop.

  • Part 1   Randy explains his three key signals for the stop, why a long relaxed stride is so important on approach and why you don’t want your horse to slow down before you ask for the stop. He discusses the mechanics of the stop and how he wants the horse to stay level in the stop and why this is key and why he doesn’t bridle them up when running.

  • Part 2    Randy demonstrates the level stop, having worked on the approach in part 1. He shows you how he teaches a horse to back peddle after the stop by explaining his leg cues and how he fixes a horse that chips on his front end in the stop. He also explains why he doesn’t like to back a horse too quickly after stopping,