Preview: Why Your Stop Should Only Be As Big As The Cow’s Stop.

Russell Probert works a late 2yr old on cattle showing you how to let a horse find the cow himself, making sure that your stop is relative to the cow’s stop!

  • Part 1   Russell works a late 2yr old ( December ) for the herd work and is focusing on letting the horse find the cow himself explaining why:

    • The horse’s stop should only be as big as the cow’s stop.
    • How he warms his horse up before working in the herd work.
    • Why he wants the horse’s face to get soft when the horse’s feet get soft.
    • Why he works one cow at a time.
    • Why too much foot control in the herd work can work against you in your rein and cow work.
    • Make sure you reward your horse when he flicks an ear or his attention towards the cow.
    • What to do when your horse misses the stop.
    • Why you have to come from behind the cow in this stage of their training.
    • Plus loads more….