From: Madera, CA!
Phone: (559)304-0930

Lyn Anderson

Money Won



  • 2 x NRCHA Open Hackamore World Champion.
  • NRCHA Futurity Open Two Rein Champion
  • NRCHA Stallion Stakes Open Two Rein Champion.
  • NRCHA Stakes Fence Challenge Champion in Las Vegas

Top Three Horses Trained

  • Smart Time Tuck
  • Tommys Petite Doc
  • Tuckers Smart Cat

Lyn Anderson did not have the traditional introduction to the horse industry like most, as she grew up in the suburbs of L.A and San Diego. At the tender age of two she began asking her parents for a horse and for years the only access she had to a horse was waiting for the “pony man” to come by her house who would let children sit on his pony and get pictures. Lyn finally got her wish for a horse when she turned thirteen and hasn’t looked back since. She went to Cal Poly University in San Luis Obispo completing the horse program and that’s when she saw her first Cow Horse Show in Reno, as the University was their putting sale horse’s through. Lyn never knew you could get paid to train horse’s and once she watched the thrill of the Cow Horse and learnt you can make a living riding horse’s she was hooked. The first show Lyn ever competed in was the 1980 NRCHA Futurity and now has multiple Titles in the Hackamore, Bridle and Two Rein events, with current earnings of $959,450. Lyn rode with industry greats such as Greg Ward, Johnny Brazil, Ted Robinson and Sandy Collier. She has spent two decades on the NRCHA board of directors and loves watching people achieve their goals with their horse and enjoys how the sport keeps you humble. Lyn and her husband Ken live in Madera, C.A training for the public.

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