Preview: Teach A Horse To Get A Hold Of The Cow.

Phillip Ralls shows you how he drives off with a single cow for the herd work, using the fence to help teach a horse to control the cow.

  • Part 1   Phillip shows you how to drive off and use the fence to teach a horse about controlling the cow for your herd work, highlighting:

    • Your horse has to get comfortable getting to the outside of the cow.
    • Put your horse in a position on the cow, so the horse doesn’t have to second guess where cow is about to go.
    • This is how you build confidence in your horse.
    • It’s not about perfect turns.
    • It’s about what the judges want to see.
    • How to dry work and why Phil keeps it slow.
    • How to use your feet and make sure you can steer with your feet.
    • How to work your first cow at home when training.
    • How to keep the cows attention.
    • Plus more…….