Preview: Balancing Two Year Olds

Clayton shows you how he gets inside a horse’s mind with his groundwork, how he begins to get them balanced from the ground and from the saddle.

  • Part 1   Clayton shows you some great exercises you can do from the ground to help get a young horse balanced and from the saddle, covering topics like:

    • How to get a young stud to focus on you.
    • When you know a horse is becoming balanced on the lead rope.
    • Why he works on a square instead of round circles.
    • How to get them soft in the neck, back and loins.
    • Why he saddles from the right.
    • Why he works on straightness more than bend.
    • How to use a lariat to teach a horse to use himself and reach forward with his hind feet.
    • Which part of the horse is most vulnerable.
    • It’s more important at this stage to each your horse to put effort into his walk instead of any maneuvers.
    • What prevents a horse from balancing.
    • Don’t fight a horse that drifts.
    • Plus loads more