Preview: Bits And Bridles

Their answers may surprise you and myths will be dispelled, as this is one of the most informative and frank conversations about bridles with three of the best horsemen in the world, Corey Cushing, Justin Wright and Clayton Edsall.

  • Part 1   Bits and Bridles are a very misunderstood training tool in our industry, so we asked three of the best in our industry who win, about how they approach choosing their bridles. They share the mistakes they have made and:

    • The biggest misconception about bits.
    • Leverage and how to identify how slow or quick a bridle works.
    • Examples of a bit that has tongue pressure and a bit that has bar pressure.
    • Be aware of what type of pressure release your horse prefers, tongue or bar.
    • How they pick the right bridle.
    • How the horse’s conformation plays into bit selection.
    • Watch your videos to see how the horse is visually responding to the bit you have on.
    • How a persons disposition can affect bridle selection.
    • Big bits are about security and refinement NOT intimidation.
    • Be aware if your 2yr old prefers a three piece snaffle versus a regular snaffle.
    • How weight distribution varies from bit to bit.
    • Plus loads more