Preview: Lead Changes

Randy demonstrates the basic positioning of the lead change and how you can keep your horse relaxed whilst teaching this maneuver.

  • Part 1   Lead changes are daunting to many of us and it’s common for a horse to anticipate and dread the lead change. Randy’s very simple and calming approach will help you execute perfect lead changes by explaining:

    • The basic positioning of the lead change.
    • Why he doesn’t train a horse to change leads at a certain spot in the arena.
    • How to fix a horse that pushes through the lead change.
    • Why he always does the lead change on a straight line.
    • Have to have them 2 tracking comfortably at the walk first.
    • Make sure you can push the hip towards their nose without speeding up.
    • How to get a horse not to anticipate the lead change in the middle of the arena.
    • Plus more….