Preview: Stiffness

Clayton shows you how stiffness can hide in the loins of a horse on the circle as he checks out a new horse to his barn before he rides it for the first time.

  • Part 1   Often when a horse feels stiff on a circle we do a lot of lateral or bending exercise’s, however the stiffness may be hiding in their loins NOT the face or neck. Clayton works a horse on the halter and he shows you how to get a horse to let down and soften on the circle by addressing their loins not their face, explaining:

    • How to identify the stiffness is in their loins.
    • How to use a flag on the ground to soften a horse.
    • Why it’s important to keep the horse going forward.
    • Why he doesn’t want too much bend.
    • How he use’s pressure to grow a horse up.
    • Why he is not keen on too much dis-engagement.
    • What to do when a young horse drifts towards the fence when riding.
    • Why he wants straightness.
    • Plus loads more of great horsemanship.