Preview: Mouthing Two Year Olds

Hayden shows you a unique way to mouth 2yr olds that has helped him become one of the best 2yr olds trainers in the performance horse industry, starting some of the best known horse’s in our business such as Hickory Holly Time, MVP,  Good Time and the list goes on.

  • Part 1  Hayden demonstrates this unique side reining method to help soften and start 2yr olds that allows him too:
    *Teach the horse to yield to pressure in a safe manner.
    *Why this method is to get bend NOT steering.
    *Why you need to over expose your horse to pressure a little at this stage.
    *Be aware of what your horse’s feet are doing because that represents what his mind is thinking.
    *Why you need to exaggerate the amount of bend you have at this stage.
    *Why he keeps so much forward motion on the first ride.
    *How to put your first ride on a 2yr old.
    *Why he alternates his left and right rein pressure when he asks for the stop.
    *How to teach a horse to handle pressure and find the release.
    *Plus loads more…..