Preview: Lead Changes

Flying lead changes can be daunting to many of us! NRHA Futurity Champion Dell Hendricks breaks down the key principles to successful and confident lead changes.

  • Part 1 NRHA Futurity Champion Dell Hendricks approach to lead changes is a little different to most people. Dell feels the key to building confident lead changes begins with lead departures, explaining:

    • The lead change is not a lateral move it is a forward movement.
    • The four parts to successful lead departures.
    • How to get lead changes without pressure.
    • Don’t expect your horse to pick them up straight away.
    • Begin with simple changes, allowing them to break down to trot.
    • Why he wants his horse to anticipate the change.
    • Shoulder control is more important than hip control.
    • How he uses a fence to build the horses confidence.
    • The biggest mistake people make is that people scare their horse for not picking it up.
    • Plus loads more