Preview: Inside Front Foot And Shoulder Control.

Todd demonstrates the two very important exercises he does on his 2yr olds after 60 or 90 days of riding.

  • Part 1   After sixty or ninety days of riding have been put on two year olds, Todd is a stickler for these two exercise’s to be introduced because it will make the training easier in the long term, demonstrating:

    • What he hates to see people doing when softening a horse.
    • You might be teaching them something that is detrimental in the long run.
    • This is NOT about teaching the turn.
    • How a horse has to follow his nose.
    • Why inside front foot control is vital.
    • How to shorten up a horse’s body.
    • This teaches a horse to bend in rib cage.
    • How to help your horse find the release.
    • This is to be taught before you begin teaching the turns.
    • Why he straightens up his horses after teaching these two exercises.
    • Shoulder control is key.
    • Loads more…..